“A superstar on stage”
in India

Photo courtesy of Mahindra Blues Festival

Shemekia Copeland left an impact on her previous appearance, six years ago when the audience requested multiple encores from her. We met her before the concert and asked how she felt about singing the blues halfway round the world. “Everyone in the world sings and loves the blues–only they don’t know it,” she said with her beaming smile. Copeland must surely like to sing; she has left behind her six week-old baby, Johnny, at home. Incidentally, Johnny has been named after Copeland’s father Johnny Copeland, a well known blues singer himself. […]

Copeland was a powerhouse at the Mahindra Blues Festival, a superstar on stage and she could do no wrong. For almost 90 minutes she had the huge audience spellbound with her songs […]

Copeland’s performance alone was well worth the price of entry to the festival!

By Sunil Sampat, in RollingStone India, after Shemekia’s performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumba, India.

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“The kind of powerhouse, roaring voice”

Shemekia Copeland wants someone to invite her to an Indian wedding. The kind that has over 1,200 guests and goes on for four days. But that dream will have to wait a few years as this three-time Grammy nominated blues singer from New York leaves town tonight, right after she steps off the stage at Bandra’s Mahindra Blues Festival 2017. And given how much she is pining for the six-week-old son smiling from the wallpaper of her iPhone, the 37-year-old can hardly be persuaded to stay. “He hasn’t even had his shots yet,” says Copeland, now in a Bandra five-star. Just earlier in the day, she sang him his favourite bedtime song via Facetime. Her is the kind of powerhouse, roaring `part-Memphis, part-Chicago’ voice that, besides a bevy of blues awards, has earned Copeland the title of ‘Queen of the Blues’. […]

For Copeland, who performed at the debut edition of the festival in 2011, Mumbai feels different this time. “It’s as if the whole city is waiting for you to perform,” she says.

Copeland will most likely turn up in her favourite colour–black–while vowing audiences with numbers from her acclaimed album `Outskirts of Love’. She is happy to note the equal gender ratio at this festival. “There needs to be more of a presence for us,” says Copeland, who usually finds just one woman singer at blues festivals.

By Sharmila Ganesan Ram, in The Times of India, before Shemekia’s performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India.

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“Strong and booming, yet subtle, soulful and even sultry”

“The world in many ways seems to be getting meaner,” says Shemekia Copeland, feminist singer, also known as the ‘Queen of the Blues’. “The poor get poorer. People turn their backs on orphans and refugees. And, of course, corporations continue to destroy mother earth,” adds the three-time Grammy nominee as she gets ready to perform at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai on Sunday. […]

Copeland’s vocals are strong and booming, yet subtle, soulful and even sultry. The artiste, who makes no bones of her overt concern with politics and views her performance before the Obamas at the White House as an unforgettable experience, grew up on a steady diet of blues, gospel and country in a Harlem ghetto.

Shemekia Copeland tells Ornella D’Souza and DNA about her father, her feminist inspirations and the greats who shaped her music, before her performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India.

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“Blues running
in every vein of her body”

Shemekia Copeland has blues running in every vein of her body. Daughter to blues guitar player Johnny Copeland, this woman will enthrall you with her voice and her presence like they did back in the good times. Damn right she’s married to the blues. So if you still haven’t gotten a ticket to this, nothing less than an experience of a fest, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you’re missing out on some quality music.

On before Shemekia’s performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India.

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“The 3 power women
to watch out for”

The year is also special as it features three female vocalists, each known for their distinct style. On one end of the spectrum is three-time Grammy nominee Shemekia Copeland, whose raucous vocals take contemporary blues to a gospel-fuelled space. […]

Currently working on a new album, this will be Copeland’s first international tour since she gave birth to her first child, Johnny Lee. “I’m looking forward to playing songs from my latest album, Outskirts of Love, and collaborating with Billy Gibbons again,” she says about her Mumbai concert.

By Megha Mahindru for Vogue India in a story called “The 3 power women to watch out for” before Shemekia’s performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India, February 11 and 12, 2017. The journalist also quizzed Shemekia, along with the two other female performers, Janiva Magness and Grainne Duffy.

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“One fortissimo
after another”

Rennie Sparks, Shemekia Copeland, and Jessie Mueller and singing together during the Chicago Voices Concert © Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune

essie Mueller, Michelle Williams, Matthew Polenzani, Shemekia Copeland, and Renee Fleming singing together at the Chicago Voices Concert © Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune

How wise of Fleming, musical director Doug Peck and colleagues to have opened the night with Chicago blues diva Shemekia Copeland igniting “The Battle Is Over (But the War Goes On).” Blessed with the most enormous instrument in the cast, Copeland offered an object lesson in what rousing Chicago blues is all about. Even the vast expanse of the Civic Opera House could not quite contain her mighty alto, the singer piling up one fortissimo after another without a hint of strain in her voice (nor any indication that she had given birth to her first child last Christmas Eve).

By Howard Reich, in the Chicago Tribune, after the Chicago Voices Concert at the  Civic Opera House in Chicago on Saturday, February 4.

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An interview to
“Make It Better”

Photo Mike White

Shemekia Copeland has dazzled crowds around the world with her soulful voice and raw stage talent, along with her unique blend of soul, country and blues music. The Grammy-nominated singer hails from New York City, though she’s called the Windy City her home for the past 12 years.

Will Mendelson interviewed Shemekia Copeland before her “highly-anticipated performance at Lyric Opera’s Chicago Voices Concert, which will also feature Jessie Mueller, John Prine, Michelle Williams and more.” Shemekia talks about her upcoming performance, tells where her passion for blues and soul comes from, the differences between the New York and the Chicago scenes, points out several of her favorite spots in Chicago, talks about the charities that are close to her heart…

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Shemekia Copeland
on Windy City Live

Shemekia Copeland talked about her upcoming performance in the Chicago Voices Concert on Windy City Live, before performing The Battle is Over, from her Grammy-nominated Alligator release, Outskirts Of Love, with Mike Wheeler on guitar. A song “about social injustice,” Shemekia said.

Shemekia also talked about her one-month old baby son, Johnny, named after her father. “He is got good lungs,” she joked.

The Chicago Voices Concert will be held on Saturday, February 4, at the Lyric’s Civic Opera House, in Chicago.

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Dont’ forget to use promo code “COPELAND” when ordering your ticket.

“Her modern musical
and lyrical approach”

With a voice that is as sultry as it is assertive, and roaring, three-time Grammy nominee, Shemekia Copeland’s music is a force to be reckoned with. No stranger to the Indian blues scene, Shemekia opened the first ever Mahindra Blues Festival in 2011. She will bring her modern musical and lyrical approach to contemporary blues, roots, and soul music. Award winning singer-songwriter, Janiva Magness’s unique style of music blends acoustic and electric instruments to create a perfect setting at the Festival.

By EventFacts before Shemekia Copeland’s performance at the 7th Mahindra Blues Festival, on February 12th, 2017, in Mumbai, India. “This year the festival promises a bigger and better experience for its fans with a star-studded line-up of artists including three-time Grammy nominee, Shemekia Copeland,” the story adds.

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Shemekia to go back to the Mahindra Blues Festival

Sharing his thoughts on the evolution of the festival, Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group said, “The seventh year of the Mahindra Blues Festival is surely going to live up to what Mumbai expects—a world class festival with a world class line-up. Join us in welcoming Shemekia Copeland and Quinn Sullivan back to the Mahindra Blues Festival along with the other fantastic Blues artists. We are delighted to see Mumbai’s Mahindra Blues tribe grow year after year.”

[…] Three-time Grammy nominee, Shemekia Copeland who is no stranger to the Indian blues scene after she opened the first ever Mahindra Blues Festival in 2011 will add her brand of music and lyrics to contemporary blues, roots, and soul while singer-songwriter Janiva Magness, a beloved figure in the Americana, blues and roots world will blend the acoustic and electric to create an alternative sound.

“Ready for the Blues? Catch Copeland in February” writes Mohua Das for the Times of India, before Shemekia Copeland’s performance at the Mahindra Blues Festival, in Mumbai, India, on February 12th, 2017.

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