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“Not enough praise”

Shemekia Copeland -

Shemekia Copeland –

Blues is back and better than ever with Shemekia Copeland’s latest album, Outskirts of Love. Released this year on September 11th, the album sees Copeland joining forces once again with producer Oliver Wood. The two made magic with Copeland’s last album, 33 1/3. For those familiar with Copeland’s previous works we know this may be a huge admission, but we’re calling Outskirts of Love Copeland’s best work yet. It’s also one of the best blues albums we’ve heard in a really long time. […] There is no restraint from Copeland on this album. Her deep voice is effecting on every track.

Overall, there’s not enough praise to give this album, nor enough stars.

Kira McLeod, on, talking about “Ear Candy”.

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Great memories from Nashville…

Shemekia and her band appeared live on Music City Roots – Live From The Factory in Franklin, TN, on September 17 during AmericanaFest. They performed five songs from her brand new release, Outskirts Of Love, and joined all the other artists (Joel Rafael, The Mavericks, Whitehorse) for the all-star jam of The Mavericks’ All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. Shemekia was also interviewed by Music City Roots journalist and co-host Craig Havighurst.

Watch the full episode of the September 17th Music City Roots show.

Shemekia’s performance from 1:22 – 1:46
Shemekia’s interview from 1:52 – 1:59
All Star Jam begins at 2:42

Things got louder and rowdier with the arrival of Shemekia Copeland and her four-piece band. With big city force and passion, she opened with the title cut from the new Outskirts of Love album and then stewed on a slow rocker with cutting slide electric from Arthur Neilson. Her tabloid-worthy story song of a Nashville record deal gone way wrong, with the line “country music ain’t nothing but the blues with a twang” and a railroad beat got a huge surge of affection from the crowd. Copeland covered a “baby making” Solomon Burke tune that really showed off her versatile, powerful voice. And she wrapped with a song of her father’s that took her home to the core of the blues. Of all the Alligator Records artists working today, Shemekia was the one I was most eager to see on our stage, and I’m impressed that the team pulled it off.

The review is by Craig Havighurst. Read his full “May brain on Americana” review.

And here are some pictures of Shemekia on Music City Roots. Photos courtesy of Anthony Scarlati.

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN - Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN – Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN - Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN – Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN - Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN – Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN - Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN – Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN - Photo Anthony Scarlati

Shemekia Copeland on Music City Roots, in Nashville, TN – Photo Anthony Scarlati

“Hopefully a win this time”

Shemekia Copeland is arguably the top female blues singer in the world today and the release of her latest album should be a major event […]

Outskirts of Love continues Copeland’s story in a compelling way as she continues to spotlight a variety of contemporary issues, staying open to musical experimentation while still operating under the umbrella of the blues. It’s worthy of another Grammy nomination and hopefully a win this time.

By Greg Easterling for Chicago Blues Guide.

Greg Easterling also holds down the 12 midnight – 5 a.m. shift on WDRV (97.1 FM). He also hosts American Backroads on WDCB (90.9 FM) Thursdays at 9 p.m.

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From Nashville to Nola…

Shemekia WWOZ

David Stafford posted the Drivin’ Out Of Nashville… in Nashville video on the WWOZ blog, the famous New Orleans radio station.

Blues vocalist Shemekia Copeland, daughter of Texas bluesman Johnny Copeland, performs “Drivin’ Out Of Nashville” at Music City Roots Live from the Factory on September 17, 2015. Like the song says, “Country Music ain’t nothing but the Blues with a twang.”

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

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“A fiery, expressive singer”

06 Shemekia Copeland © Photo Marilyn Stringer - small

Shemekia Copeland © Photo Marilyn Stringer

Versatile vocalist Shemekia Copeland is a fiery, expressive singer who explores a range of popular genres from contemporary blues and gospel to soul to roots music.

Her new album, “Outskirts of Love,” on Alligator Records, reveals the range of her musical influences. The album features songs written by artists as varied as Solomon Burke and Jesse Winchester, and ZZ Top and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Copeland is a daughter of the late blues guitar legend Johnny Clyde Copeland. Her debut album in 1998 on Alligator stamped her as a blues star in the making. The album, “Turn the Heat Up,” drew critical acclaim, while her live appearances won her a dedicated audience that continues to grow.

By Jim Carroll, in The State Journal, before Shemekia’s show at the Grand Theater in Frankfort, Kentucky, on Tuesday, September 29.

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“Older and bolder”

New albums have become more than record releases to Shemekia Copeland — they’re new forums for her to speak her mind and spark change.

“I think I keep getting bolder and bolder in what I have to say,” she said from her home in Chicago. “I’m so confident talking about issues and things these days. And I like that.”

“I think it’s important what you put out there in the universe, and how you use your voice to speak and say things,” the 36-year-old said. “That’s becoming more and more important to me as I get older.”

“Shemekia Copeland gets ‘older and bolder’ with new album release” is the headline of the feature written by David Burke in Go&Do, the entertainment section of the Quad-Cities Times before Shemekia’s performance on Wednesday, September 23, at the Redstone Room in Davenport, Iowa.

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An interview before St. Louis

Gutsy blues singer Shemekia Copeland says everyone is on the outskirts of something — “whether it’s justice, homelessness or something else, a woman driving out of Nashville with a body in the trunk.” That’s the idea that led to […] Outskirts of Love. “That’s why at the end (of the album) I’m saying, ‘Lord help us,’ we all need help going through the things we’re going through,” she says […]

“I always want to be talking about issues, what’s going on with politics, religion, religious hypocrites, domestic violence — they all touch me,” she says. “I did an interview (recently), and the guy asked me if I could change one thing, what would it be? I said greed.”

She calls greed the reason “everything is so messed up. Nobody is satisfied with what they’ve got, and they want to kill or do whatever to get what they want. That’s why we have war.”

Kevin C. Johnson wrote a full piece about Shemekia for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch before her show on Sunday, September 20 at Beale on Broadway in St. Louis.

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More info about the show.

“Expanded into multifaceted affairs”

A few years back, AmericanaFest hosted a panel on blues music’s place in the genre, which is no simple topic. Shemekia Copeland is the rare artist who makes drawing roots and blues crowds together look easy. As the daughter of guitarist Johnny Copeland, she arrived with a strong Texas, 12-bar pedigree and brassy vocal authority, but she’s consciously expanded her last three albums — including her latest, Outskirts of Love — into multifaceted affairs. This time around, she wove in sharp social consciousness, detailed narrative, reinvigorated throwbacks, down-home heat, uptown cool and plenty more.

By Jewly Hight in “34 can’t-miss artists and events to catch at AmericanaFest”, published by Nashville Scene, before Shemekia’s performance at Music City Roots for AmericanaFest.

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“A heck of a passionate person”

“Shemekia Copeland is a heck of a passionate person, whether or not she’s singing on stage. She’s got a big voice and big dreams.” This is how  Jonathan Turner starts his feature about Shemekia in QCOnline before her performance on Wednesday, September 23, at the Redstone Room in Davenport, Iowa.

“If you have a voice, people listening to you, you should use that in a positive way,” Ms. Copeland said in a recent interview, ahead of next week’s appearance in Davenport. “What you put out into the universe, you never know who you may help or uplift. This is what I’m here for — I found my purpose.”

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