A photo from Bejar, Spain

160718 Shemekia Copeland Fran Cea Photography

Shemekia Copeland at the Bejar (Spain) Blues Festival – © Fran Cea Photography

Photographer: Fran Cea Photography.

July 29 UPDATE:

Fran Cea Photography added some more beautiful pictures. Here they are:

160722 shemekia copeland Photo Francea Photography 01

Shemekia Copeland at the Bejar (Spain) Blues Festival – © Fran Cea Photography

160722 shemekia copeland Photo Francea Photography 02

Shemekia Copeland at the Bejar (Spain) Blues Festival – © Fran Cea Photography

160722 shemekia copeland Photo Francea Photography 03

Shemekia Copeland at the Bejar (Spain) Blues Festival – © Fran Cea Photography

160722 shemekia copeland Photo Francea Photography 04

Shemekia Copeland at the Bejar (Spain) Blues Festival – © Fran Cea Photography

Videos from Cazorla, Spain

A few Facebook videos taken by manager John Hahn in Cazorla, Spain, where Shemekia performed at the Cazorla Blues Festival on July 9th, 2016

Low-fi show with Arthur and Willie in 100 degree heat!! Wonderful Spanish fans dancing, drinking and spraying water on each other to cool off!!


Beat Up Guitar in the afternoon:


Night performance in the bullring:

Photos from Brugnera, Italy

Photographer Franco Moret took a whole series of images of Shemekia Copeland and her band performing at Blues in Villa, in Brugnera, Italy, on July 4, 2016.

160715 Shemekia Copeland Franco Moret Blues in Villa

160715 blues in villa

Check out Franco Moret’s gallery.

Photos from the Montreux Jazz Festival

Some memories of the Montreux Jazz Festival, 12 photos courtesy of Daniel Balmat.

160708 shemekia copeland montreux jazz festival

More photos on Montreux Jazz Festival.

Interviewed in Switzerland

Shemekia Copeland was interviewed while in Switzerland to perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She discusses her influences, spending time on the road with blues greats and more. The segment ends with a portion of her performance of “The Battle Is Over.”

LOGO montreux jazz festival

“Un mundo moderno”

Es realmente importante que el blues siga creciendo y evolucionando. Esto es lo relevante en un mundo moderno que está en constante transformación. Por ello, intento cantar mi blues sobre hechos que son importantes hoy en día, y podréis oírlo todo cuando visite España el próximo verano.

Shemekia Copeland was interviewed by Hector Fernandez for Ruta 66 last year, when she release Outskirts of Love. The Spanish magazine published the story before Shemekia’s four upcoming performances in Spain: on July 9 at the Cazorla Blues festival, on July 10 at the Marula Café in Barcelona, on Friday 15 at the Hondarribia Blues Festival and on Saturday 16 at the Béjar Blues Festival.

A lengthy story about her label, Outskirts of Love and the intimacy in her latest album, her musical style(s), her vision of the future of blues music…

Read the full interview (in Spanish) on Ruta 66LOGO ruta 66

First night
of Europe summer tour…

Pie in the Sky in Brugnera tonight…

(Video by John Hahn, manager)

Shemekia Copeland’s Europe summer tour started in Brugnera, Italy,for the Blues in Villa Festival on Monday, July 4th. Coming next are the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Cazorla Blues Festival in Spain, a show at the Marula Cafe in Barcelona, Spain, back in Italy for the Live at Piazza Cavour in Como, back in Switzerland for the Vallemaggia Magic Blues in Moghegno, back in Spain for the Hondarribia Blues Festival and in Béjar for the Festival Internacional de Blues de Béjar.

See the full tour schedule.

Two nominations for the
Blues Blast Music Awards

Blues Blast, the internet blues magazine, has announced the nominees for its 2016 Blues Blast Music Awards. Shemekia Copeland is nominated in two categories: Contemporary Blues Album for Outskirts Of Love and Female Blues Artist.

Winners will be announced at the 2016 Blues Blast Music Awards ceremony, held at The Fluid Events Center in Champaign, Illinois, on September 23rd, 2016.

Voting is free and open to the public at beginning July 1st and running through August 15th.

160628 blues blast magazine

“A strong gospel
and soulful sound”

Shemekia Copeland – Kirstine Walton Photography

Shemekia paid homage to her father, blues guitarist and singer Johnny Copeland, by performing one of his songs. She did her father proud with her version of his “Devil’s Hand.”

With a strong gospel and soulful sound, Shemekia’s powerful voice made everyone stop and listen to the captivating performance.

Kirstine Walton reviewed the 33rd Chicago Blues Festival for National Blues Review. “Headlining the night was 2015 Grammy nominee, Shemekia Copeland with special guest, Curtis Salgado, as well as a brief appearance from Alligator Records’ founder, Bruce Iglauer,” she writes.

Read the full review on National Blues Review.  LOGO national blues review

“I was doing my own thing”

Don Wilcock interviewed Shemekia Copeland for Nippertown, before her performance at the 39th annual Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, on Saturday June, 25, 2016, right before her European tour.

He asked her questions about her father, Johnny Copeland:

Shemekia has Johnny’s genes. She first joined her dad on stage at age six. “I was nervous all along,” she admits today. “I didn’t even want to sing in front of my family. It was like, oh, my God, you know? And that’s just insecurity. God, I love being an adult. I say it all the time. I’m so grateful for growing up because when you are comfortable with who you are, and you are comfortable with yourself and you are comfortable with what you are saying and what you are putting out in the universe, it just makes getting up on the stage that much more easy. You get to a certain age where you just – know what? I’m gonna say this anyhow, (laughs) and then you decide how you feel about it, but I’m gonna tell you how I feel. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

He also asked her about her influences, where her albums come from, including the songs written by her manager John Hahn in her latest Outskirts of Love album, before going back to her dad:

Shemekia always does just one of her daddy’s songs on each album. On Outskirts of Town it’s “Devil’s Hand.” “I don’t wanna do a whole record of Johnny Copeland songs. Later on in my career, maybe, but right now I’m still trying to figure out who Shemekia Copeland is, so I don’t want to do that just yet. Once I establish my own identity, which with the last three records I feel I’m doing more so than ever, then maybe I’ll do other things ’cause people always say, ‘Well, why don’t you do a tribute record to Koko Taylor?’ In my mind I’m thinking I knew Koko Taylor very well, and that would piss her off. If she was alive she would be gracious that I did it, but she would also be pissed off because the reason she loved me so much was because I was doing my own thing.”

Read the full interview in NippertownLOGO nippertown