“The legacy lingers large”

“There was no question for him,” blues singer Shemekia Copeland recalls of her father, renowned singer and guitarist Johnny Copeland. “I swear, I was in my mother’s arms on the way home from the hospital when he said, ‘She’s going to be a blues singer.’ So there was never any doubt as far as what he believed or, for that matter, anybody else. I was never going to be a psychiatrist or anything.” […]

Though Shemekia Copeland never viewed her talent as a birthright, her father’s legacy nevertheless lingers large. “I am so lucky and blessed that I was born a female and I don’t play guitar, because I have friends who are male, second-generation guitar players like their fathers, and they always get compared in the worst sort of way,” she says. “If you know me and know my father, then you know all the things I’ve stolen from him. My family watches me, and they say, ‘Oh, God. That’s Johnny Copeland!'”

Shemekia was interviewed about her family and musical heritage by Lee Zimmerman, for the New Times, before her performance, this Friday, October 16, at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida.

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