Soon in Nashville
for AmericanaFest

150508 AmericanaFest

The Americana community will soon be gathering in Nashville for its annual festival, AmericanaFest. Music City Roots will be hosting a Live From the Factory showcase for the fifth year, including Shemekia, on September 17.

“She brings to the blues a kind of all-American pride in roots music, with original songs that dig in and draw from soul, gospel, R&B and country music,” writes Craig Havighurst, on the Music City Roots website. “On her incredible and incredibly new (last Friday!) album Outskirts of Love, she sings a funny, bitter anti-tribute/murder ballad to Nashville and country music, which “ain’t nothing but the blues with a twang.” Oh I hope she sings this one. There’s also a lot of potent songwriting about lives lived on the edge and with resilience.”

“Copeland was handed the crown and named the new Queen of the Blues by the daughter of Koko Taylor, Alligator’s mega-star Chicago-based wonder. So it’s an honor to have her on the show.”

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